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Nic started training in Hollywood, as an actor at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. During that time, he appeared on TV, film, commercials, and has even taken to the stage a few times. He currently continues to develop his craft. The experience of collaborating with directors, first as an actor, has inspired him to expand his own art into filmmaking. It is a natural duality allowing him to wear different hats and confront different challenges. Filmmaking has become the ultimate tool for him to share personal stories from his generation. Having grown up not just in and around Hollywood, but also with two parents in the entertainment business; he believes wholeheartedly we are entering a renaissance of opportunity for filmmakers of all colors and gender.


Nic has been living in Paris since 2009 working as an actor, producer, and filmmaker starring in multiple films including "The Follower" directed by Kévin Mendiboure.

He recently wrote, produced and directed the "First Believer" in which he also stars,  as well as directing Wilfried Capet's "The Vow", which won "Best Indie Short Film" at the Los Angeles Film Awards Festival.  

He is currently developing his first feature film as well as continuing to work as a content creator and commercial director.


Surrounded by the arts since she was a kid, Mina graduated from CNSAD (Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Arts Dramatiques) in 1991. 


She appears on stage, TV, and cinema, but, her interest for writing and directing emerges rapidly. Among other things, she participates for a few seasons, in the « Cartoucherie de Vincennes encounters » at the « Théâtre de la Tempête », her first steps into the world of directing and writing.

With a great passion for any forms of creation, she launches her own fashion brand, « minaPoe », for which she devoted all her energy for the following fifteen years.


After this « parenthesis », Mina Poe creates in 2012, MayMoon Productions, in order to develop and direct her own projects, including short films ("Bon Appétit Misère", "Music Therapy", "À Preuve"), plays, as well as developing series' and documentaries' projects.

In 2020, Mina will be directing for stage, an adaptation of "Diary of a Madman" by N. Gogol. 


Amaro Shake is a filmmaker with an acute visual eye and a creative sense of timing. His repertoire stretches from stylized music videos, commercials, to lavish fashion and art films. Amaro is active in all facets of production working as a producer, director, and editor on the majority of his films.


Born in Paris and raised in LA, he graduated from the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, in 2004, where he went off to work in the US, Asia, the middle east and Europe. His multicultural upbringing has brought unique color and dimension to his films.


His short film "Thunder", which he wrote and directed, was nominated for an award in a few festivals such as the Southampton International Film Festival as well as the Hollyshorts Film Festival. He recently directed Abi Lomby "Lose No Sleep" and is developing his first feature film.

 Having made Paris his permanent home, Amaro continues to travel and collaborates with various filmmakers across continents.

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