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Nic grew up in Los Angeles, where his love for the game  the screen and the realization is born in adolescence. 

He studies at the  fame Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in Hollywood. He then appeared on television, in short films, advertisements as well as in some stage productions.

Rubbing shoulders with directors as an actor made him want to extend his own art to writing and directing.

Directing his own films gives him the opportunity to share personal stories and thus give a unique voice to his generation.  

Of parents who both came from show business and didn't just grow up in Hollywood, he believes in  a world opening up more and more to directors of various colors and genres.

Since 2009, he has worked in Paris as an actor, producer and director, notably appearing in "The Follower" by Kévin Mendiboure.

He writes, directs  and produced the short film "First Believer", in which he also appeared, as well as directed  "The Vow" by Wilfried Capet who recently won  "Best Indie Short Film" at the Los Angeles Film Awards Festival.

He is currently in development of his first feature film.



Attracted to the stage from her earliest years, Mina graduated from the Free Class at Cours Florent, then  from  CNSAD, National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in 1991.

She will play in the theater, on television and in the cinema, before being quickly attracted by writing and directing. She cut her teeth at the "Rencontres à la Cartoucherie de Vincennes" initiated by Philippe Adrien.

Passionate about all forms of art and creativity, she created the fashion brand “minaPoe” which she managed until 2012, when she embarked on a new adventure, the creation of MayMoon Productions.
Since 2012, she has written and directed several short films ("Bon Appétit Misère", "Music Therapy", "À Preuve"), plays, as well as developing series and documentary projects.

In creation  for 2020, a transdisciplinary show, the adaptation of the "Journal d'un fou" by N. Gogol.

Amaro Shake is a director with a highly developed eye and a sense of rhythm  very  creative.

His repertoire extends from clip to  pub passing by  mode of  luxury and art films. Amaro is active in all aspects of production as a producer, director and editor on most of his films.


Born in Paris and raised in Los Angeles, he graduated from the Art Institute of Los Angeles in 2004, when he began working in the USA, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

His multi-cultural heritage allows him to bring a unique color and dimension to his films.


His short film "Thunder" which he  wrote  and produced, has been selected by several festivals, so the  Southampton International Film Festival  as well as the  Hollywood Shorts Film Festival.  He also recently directed the singer's "Lose No Sleep" music video.  Abi Lomby  and  his first feature film is currently in development.


Choosing Paris as his main residence, he continues to travel and collaborate with various filmmakers across the globe. 

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